What Pediatrician Would You Recommend?

To most of us mommies, having a sick kid is the most annoying experience ever. You’re constantly worried even if they seem fine, they’re clingy & fussy because they feel sick, & with babies you can’t understand what hurts so you find yourself playing guessing games to understand what’s wrong and explain it to their doctor.

Now I personally hate medicines, even if I have a headache, it takes me forever to get myself to take Panadol, so surely when it comes to giving medicine to my baby, I try in every possible way to avoid it. Thankfully, Kyra hasn’t been sick much & we’ve never even had to give her antibiotics, so if you’re like me at all, I suggest you find a pediatrician that has the same values as you do & respects your choices for your baby.

Luckily, I found a great ped in Lebanon, Dr. Patricia Kaldany at Bellevue hospital, & she agrees with not giving too many medicines to babies as well. But just when I had lost hope about ever finding a good pediatrician in Dubai, my friend Mirna El-Sabbagh posted about Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban, so I thought I’d check him out.

Dr. medhat

When you walk in, his clinic at first sight is super baby friendly, there is a small area for babies to play & all the rooms have awesome colorful themes. The staff is very nice & professional but most importantly the doctor himself is great! He is very gentle, loves babies & you can feel that he loves what he does. He has a lot of experience, is very pro breastfeeding & does not encourage giving medicines at all unless it is very necessary.

His equipment is state of the art, & he has all of the latest technology that is minimally invasive for babies. We did an eye test for Kyra & the machine was a meter away from her, all she had to do was look at it (it plays music so babies look at it automatically). The ear test he does is also amazing & super accurate. We found fluid in Kyra’s ear & it seems to be linked to her having allergies, & so thankfully we started her on a treatment for it & she quickly got better.

Since a lot of my mommy Facebook friends ask me often about pediatrician referrals, I thought maybe some of you living here in Dubai would be interested in checking out Dr. Medhat, cause of all the ones we’ve been to in Dubai, he’s the best I’ve met. And for those of you who think fluid in the ear isn’t a big deal check out his interview about it on MBC http://bit.ly/21sQfMQ. It’s important to get your kids checked every once in a while cause you can’t always tell just by watching for symptoms.

Check out his facebook page “My Pedia Clinic” & website



my pedia

Do you love your pediatrician in Lebanon or Dubai & would recommend them to everyone? Comment with his or her name below & why you think they’re great. Would love some feedback on this 🙂

7 thoughts on “What Pediatrician Would You Recommend?

  1. Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban wholeheartedly recommends and encourages breastfeeding, and for an exclusively breastfeeding mom like me, you’d feel safe the moment you walk-in his clinic.

    He has a truly remarkable personality, he cares for his patients, he is a good listener… He simply makes the visit to his clinic a pleasant and friendly experience.

    Dr. Medhat, We are thankful you are taking good care of our son Yuri.

    Sary, Raya & Yuri
    29 feb 2016

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